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Bake Off? Count me in!

The following is a post written by one of our Student Bloggers, Sabina.

Last Tuesday, the Allen Court Common Room was filled with amazing smells as the residents of University accommodation had a chance to participate in an exciting and tasty activity! Therefore, I decided to tag along and see what it was all about.

It was a perfect event for all of the Bake Off enthusiasts, with the night starting as a friendly baking competition between all of the participants. After just bringing a signature ingredient of choice, whether it be chocolate or honey, we were all able to come along and bake some cupcakes! Not only was it a fun experience due to the delicious outcome but it was also a great opportunity to meet some new people and socialise in a comfortable environment.

See a picture of my cupcakes above (the presentation might not be A* but at least they tasted really good!).

It was a great chance to spend the evening doing something fun, giving us a chance to break away from the reality of studying! A good way to relax for sure.

When the cupcakes were ready, we sat down to watch an episode of The Great British Bake Off. As a foreign student, over my 5 years in the UK so far, I’ve become aware of how popular this show is. Being able to watch it with people who are enthusiastic about it, while munching on some freshly made sweetness, was definitely energising and fascinating!

Due to the simple nature of the event, I found it really good and would for sure participate in something similar in the future. Despite not being an avid Bake Off fan, or a genius cook, doing something which is not necessarily a thing I would do in my spare time was a really enjoyable experience.

The Residence Mentors were really friendly and encouraging throughout the event and were willing to help out and supervise if needed, which I was able to appreciate!

I think that being able to participate in events like this is an amazing opportunity for students, as you really get to integrate with the people around you and try some things you probably wouldn’t get to do otherwise.

There are many events throughout the year that I probably wouldn’t have participated in in the past, however, with the variety available, I’ve been feeling very enthusiastic about giving things a try with some of my friends or flatmates. For example, there are many Give it a Go events, which you can browse through here:

Your best bet would be probably just scrolling through and having a look if you find anything interesting but be careful as many events get sold out pretty quickly! Many of them are FREE (who doesn’t love a fun and free event?), but you might have to book a place anyway, so keep that in mind.

There’s everything from language courses to sports, food, movie nights, parties and trips. Basically something for everyone!

Aside from that, you can also check out the list of events that are exclusively for students living in accommodation, right here on the Residence Life website:

I highly recommend having a look and going to some of them! It’s always good to spend some time with new people and enjoy yourself!

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