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How to book on to Residence Life Sport

a sign lit up at night

Guided meditations with Les Mills

a person standing on a beach

Free fitness workouts with Sweaty Betty

Work out with The Body Coach

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OS MAP puzzles to challenge your map reading skills

a girl doing yoga

Online Yoga for beginners

a woman on a laptop

Small space workouts - chair exercises

a person sitting one a yoga mat

How to work out at home safely

What is Residence Life Sports Programme

Free outdoor tennis courts on your doorstep

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Zumba class for just £1

High Intensity Fitness class for just £1

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Residence Life Sport- What's on this week

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Free Live Online Fitness Class with Peggy

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Running routes close to the University

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Free Outdoor Fitness Trail


Mental Health at University - Sports Committee

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Free Online Yoga and Mindfulness

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Free Live Zumba with Emma

Free Live LBT Fitness Class with Emma


Free Live Yoga class with Anju

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Free Live Yoga with Emily

Free Online Cardio Conditioning Fitness with Jenn

Virtual event - Play board games and meet potential flatmates

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10 000 Steps Challenge

Photography Competition - Capture the University of Sheffield Buildings

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The benefits of walking - blog by Aditi Rane

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