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Residence Life Mentor Drop-In Hours

Learn the Ukulele for free with Residence Life

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Disability and Dyslexia Support Service

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My year as a Residence Life Mentor

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Get Yourself Tested!

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Summer Extra Study Space in the Residences

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Summer Stress Busters 2020: Programme of Events

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Welcome to your 'Sheffield Experience'!!

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Cocktail Master Class - A Blog by Luana Riebel

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Risotto Anyone?! - A Blog by Heng Chew

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Postgraduate Curry Night - A blog by Luana Riebel

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Learn the Ukulele - A Blog by Heng Chew

Giuliano Grazioli et al. posing for the camera

My experience as Residence Life Mentor - A blog by Harald Tang

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Guide to Sheffield - A blog by Rebecca Hawkins

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Res Life is still here for you!

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Best Netflix films to watch over the weekend #1

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Res Life Art Competition #1 - the winners are...

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Best Netflix Films for the weekend #2

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Binge Watch of the Week - The Accident

Res Life Poetry Competition #2 - the winner is...

Struggling to Sleep?

Top tips on storing food for longer

Best Netflix Films for the weekend #3


Lockdown 2.0

Binge Watch of the Week - French and Saunders

Best Netflix Films for the weekend #4

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How to deal with loneliness when self-isolating

Tips on how to be more active

Photo Competition - The Winner Is...

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Some fantasy away from Reality – A blog by Veli, Family Residence Life Mentor

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