The big running challenge

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You might have guessed that our next challenge is all about running!

After the March walking challenge,  we thought that running is the perfect progression on your fitness journey. 

We have 4 different options for you to choose from. Whether you are completely new to running or you are already running a 5 k and want to work towards a longer distance, we have you covered. 

You can choose from the following challenges

  • 6 Weeks - GOAL - Run 20 minutes. No previous experience with running is needed. Work up to running 20 minutes continuously. 

  • 6 Weeks - GOAL - Run 5 miles. This is perfect if you have some baseline fitness or run already and want to work up to 5 miles in one go. 

  • 9 Weeks - GOAL Couch to 5 k - This plan will get you from zero running to 5 k over 9 weeks! 

  • 9 Week - GOAL Run 10 k - If you run 5 k already and want to step up the game, this challenge is for you! 

So why choose to sign up for this challenge? 

  • Running is an amazing form of exercise. Not only it is great for your fitness, you can run anywhere in the world and it is free of charge! There is very little equipment that you need apart from a pair of running shoes. 

  • You will follow a plan designed by our experienced running couch Sammy for your best chance to achieve your goal 

  • You can introduce running to your fitness routine in a way that suits you - either by choosing a 6 or a 9 week plan. You will be running 3 x a week. 

  • We will support you every step of the way. We have a printable tracker for you so that you know exactly what you need to do each day. But don’t worry, you will also get a reminder via email or your running buddy, if you wish to sign up for that option. 

  • We take fitness seriously at Residence Life. This is why we are rewarding you for your hard work with a chance of winning a £15 voucher each time you log your run. You also have a chance of winning a grand price of £75 voucher towards a pair of brand new running shoes of your choice! 

The challenge starts on the 12th April. The runs are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday and you can complete your runs in your own time that day. 

Sign up here. 

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