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Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah Stayin’ Alive…

Follow our quick tips for getting around and make sure you stay safe on the road this year, night or day…

By foot

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times – if you’ve had a few too many, stick with a group of friends.
  • Be careful when crossing roads and tram tracks. Follow the advice of our good old hedgehog friends and stop, look and listen before you cross! Don’t walk in front of approaching vehicles.
  • Never walk along the tram tracks.
  • Day or night, walk facing the traffic so that a vehicle can’t pull up behind you unnoticed.
  • Don’t take short cuts or walk in isolated areas. Keep to well-lit pathways. If you live in Ranmoor/Endcliffe accommodation, follow the Green Route to get to campus and back.

By car

  • Ensure you have enough fuel for the journey.
  • Keep all car doors locked when driving.
  • Never pick up hitch hikers.
  • Keep valuables out of sight – don’t put your handbag/wallet on the passenger seat when driving.
  • Park in well-lit area or supervised car park.

By bike

By public transport

  • Use black cabs or book a taxi home in advance. (Remember, if you’ve run out of cash you can use the Safe Taxi Scheme with Sheffield City Taxis and pay your fare the next day.)
  • Never get into an unlicensed minicab – no matter how long you’ve been waiting, or how much you just want to get home, it is never worth the risk.
  • Avoid using quiet or lonely bus or tram stops.
  • Sit as close to the bus driver or tram conductor as possible.

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