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Activities Fair & Give It A Go Blog

This blog post was written by Laura Sheshi (Residence Life Mentor)


The orientation week and the induction week are a great opportunity for freshers to know more about the University and to create an idea how their life will be. Going to university not only means studying and achieving great results. It has to do with the whole experience; the student life beyond the lectures and tutorials. This is the reason the Residence Life team organises different activities that promote the diversity of activities the students can join.

Give it a Go is a great platform of activities that gives students the opportunity to try different activities they may have always wanted to try, for example, hip-hop dance classes, painting, cinema classes, movie making etc. While watching TV we always wonder “How would it be if I was doing that sport/if I was acting/if I was in the place of that person”. Give it a Go gives this opportunity to students; to try something new and get a taste of activities they have always wanted to join.

Andrey and I, both Residents Mentors, decided to help during the fair. It was great to be involved and there was such a good atmosphere. Everyone looked very into the new experience they were about to start. For me, it was very interesting to see students wearing clothes based on their culture back home and strange to think how this might change after 3-4 months here!

Lots of students were stopping by the Give it a Go fair. They all seemed very intrigued. The range of activities and the diversity were the two main points that seemed to attract them the most. The brochures available had all the required information and they had the official website and the timetable of all the schedules until 30th of September. The autumn schedule is to be announced, but all the students can easily find it online in the website. This sounded very convenient to the students.

The students were very enthusiastic, especially for the trips to Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh and other beautiful places in the UK. The very low prices (compared to the normal train fairs) and the tour included in the price made them very interested and almost all of them asked for the dates so they could go online and book their place.

Well, what more can I say? It was great to help all these new and incredible students. It was great showing them the variety of the opportunities the University of Sheffield offers. My suggestion is the same I gave to the students on Thursday: Attend all the Give it a Go events! It is a great experience and you will make great friends. Take advantage of these great opportunities the University offers you. Memories remain forever and Give it a Go activities will definitely give you the opportunity to create great ones.

All the best to all of you!

Lots of love,

Laura SH. 

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