Accommodation - What to expect next year

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As you aware, some procedures within university accommodation and accommodation across the city will be a little different this year to make sure your safety and wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do. 

We are so excited to welcome you to our fantastic community, there's just a few things we would like you to consider and be aware of next year to make sure our staff and students are as safe as possible.

Here's everything you need to know regarding accommodation:

Can I transfer rooms?

This depends on the severity of the situation. Our student's wellbeing and safety is at the heart of everything we do, so we will do everything to make sure our students feel safe and healthy with cooperation and understanding. Please don't ask to transfer rooms because you don't like the location, room layout etc. This is for those who don't feel comfortable, safe, happy etc. 

Please contact the accommodation office with more information regarding this and they'll be able to help and advise:

Can I meet a staff member face to face?

If possible, we are going to make all student to staff face to face meetings virtual over a google hangout link. However if this meeting does need to be face to face, please social distance and wear a face covering.

We have set up a page informing you of everything you need to know regarding self-isolation from food, to contacts to help. This can be found here:

Will I still get a room if I have to arrive later?

Yes, rooms will be available. 

More information regarding coronavirus and our accommodation can be found here:

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