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Accessing the Fitness Suite and Steinway Pianos

By echorley 08 Oct 2021

We have some wonderful facilities on-site at Ranmoor/Endcliffe that are free for our residents to use. Shortly there will be some slight changes to how you access the Fitness Suite in The Ridge and the two Steinway Piano rooms.

Residences Fitness Suite

The swipe access door will shortly be removed at the Ridge upstairs, so residents can come and go as they please to use the Fitness Suite within opening hours (7am to 9pm)

Steinway Piano @ The Ridge

The piano in Monsal Dale at the Ridge is on swipe access, so you'll need to bring it with you to access the room - your Ucard should automatically have access rights

Steinway Piano @ The Edge

The piano in The Edge will now be accessed via a digi-lock, and you'll need to get the code from Customer Services.

You still need to book a timeslot to use the Steinway Pianos, which can be done here:

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echorley I'm Emma Chorley, the Marketing and Communications Executive for accommodation services at UoS.
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