A Student Guide to Laundry

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                                                                          Circuit Laundry Site in Endcliffe 

What is the one inevitable chore that comes up every other week?? Laundry! (and cooking, but let’s keep that for another time!).  And as the famous saying goes, laundry won't clean itself! 

When I moved into my accommodation, I didn't know how I would manage getting my laundry done along with all the other things I had to do.  But the handy Circuit Laundry Sites across the university accommodation make laundry more manageable. If this is your first year (or not!), here are some handy information and tips on using the laundry services:

  • What are the laundry services in the accommodation?

Every accommodation site has an on-site circuit laundry unit. The number of washing machines and the tumble dryers are ample and available to students 24 hours a day with each wash taking around 35 minutes to complete and each drying cycle taking around 40 minutes.

  • The Circuit Laundry App!

Download the Circuit Laundry App  as it shows you how to operate the machines and furthermore, you can either scan the machine’s QR code using your phone to begin a cycle, or enter the unique code tailored to each machine. It will then require you to change the settings on the machine to whatever you want and then press start which will set off the machine and remove the money from your account. Funds can be added to via PayPal through your account or as a guest and the minimum amount you can refill is £5.

  • How much is it per wash cost?

The simple answer is that it depends what cycle you select but the standard wash cost about £ 3 - £ 5. You can find more information about Circuit Laundry on their official website .

Laundry Tips:

  • Don’t overfill the washing machine. It’s tempting when you want to get everything done but for a better wash it’s better not to cram everything in. 
  • Select the right detergent and use fabric softener (if you prefer).
  • Be careful of mixing colours. Try to segregate the colours from the whites! Nobody wants whites to end up pink from having left a red sock in the mix.
  • Stains! Remember the key to stain removal is acting quickly so try and  apply a stain remover and get it straight in the wash.
  • Ironing can be an extra chore but using fabric softeners will help reduce creases. Top tip is to hang items up as quickly as possible so they don't dry crumpled!

So, that was my laundry 101, but I am sure there’s so much more than this to the laundromat. 

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