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A dream date with Gordon!

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Such a beautiful soul, intelligent and handsome, amazing observer and what discipline! It was a love at first sight. He looked into my eyes and straightaway I felt so much warmth from him and that’s when I realized he was the ‘one’! So off we walked into the sunset together, his head collar-lead held gently in my hand.

Did I mention his tail? Yeah, he had a tail too, just like a big pompom/ ball of fur. It was an unforgettable experience.

Well, I am talking about my visit to an alpaca farm in Sheffield,  Holly Hagg Farm, organized by Residence Life. And that lovely description referred to none other than the alpaca I was allotted, Gordon!   I had never seen an alpaca before and my first experience there was exciting.

The farm is set up in a scenic background and is run by a lovely lady and some volunteers. Being in the lap of nature, and being among a herd of alpacas felt very relaxing. Alpacas have been known to de-stress humans and being in their presence, cuddling them and their cute appearance surely improve mental health.

I was particularly amazed by their way of communication and how each one of them was as unique as any human being, characterized by some peculiar traits.

Overall, it was a great experience and if you haven’t seen an alpaca before, I certainly recommend it and if you want a good date, a handsome alpaca can give you one!

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