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A Day in the Peaks

At the weekend, my family visited to celebrate my birthday weekend. We had planned on a day out in the Peaks, basing ourselves in the beautiful village of Castleton. I’m not sure that there is a more quintessentially British village than Castleton - it was surrounded by fields, the cottages were adorable and the tea rooms were very cute. Castleton is situated in Hope Valley which is a truly gorgeous part of the Peak District. We drove there in under 30 minutes, but it is also accessible by bus and the train from Sheffield Dtation (plus Residence Life often has day trips to the peaks).

Our first stop was lunch, at the Three Roofs Café. The menu was wonderful, with plenty of sandwiches, baguettes and toasties to choose from. After much deliberation I decided on the mozzarella, tomato and pesto open ciabatta with a hearty side of chips and it was fab! After the lovely lunch we headed out on a 4 mile circular walk which was made very entertaining by the adorable (if loud) lambs. A variety of short walks around Castleton are easily found  online. We somehow avoided the  forecasted rain and enjoyed some fab views across the valley. Things began to go a bit wrong when I managed to accidentally place my hand in a pile of nettles and a fly flew into my eye, but overall it was a lovely day. It began to rain just as we climbed back into the car, and we were all thankful (including our dog Norris) to rest our legs.

So, if you’re considering a trip into the Peaks as a nice revision break over the next few weeks, look up Castleton- it's definitely worth a visit and really is not too far from uni!

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