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5 Ways to feel at home at university

It can be daunting when you first arrive at your university accommodation. You unlock the door and are faced with a bare, characterless room, which will likely be very different from your cosy and comforting bedroom at home. It’s a blank state! I’m here to reassure you that, although daunting, this is also very exciting. With just a few small tweaks, your room away from home will soon feel like a home.

  1. Photos: I would suggest bringing a few photos with you when you move to university. I probably went a bit overboard, bringing about 30, but I did actually use nearly all of them! On my second day here I stuck a load of them up on my pinboard, and the minute I’d finished, my room felt instantly more homely. Even now, it makes me smile to sit at my desk and be able to look up at all the smiling faces of my friends and family from home, and all the memories of the places I’ve been to. You could also stick up some postcards of inspirational quotes or just things that make you smile. Make it your own. 

  2. Go to town with your bedding: Personally, my bedding is a Cath Kidston London print which has really helped me to connect with being at home away from home, if that makes sense. Being from London, each time I snuggle up in bed I’m reminded of my home town, which is a lovely feeling. I would also advise bringing several comfy cushions, and maybe a blanket or quilt to keep you cosy. Your bed will likely be your first port of call to flop on when you arrive back after a long day of lectures, so it will be even nicer if it is comfortable!

  3. Ring home often: At university, it can be tempting to either go one of two ways. To ring home constantly and not settle, or to completely ignore your family! Don’t do that! Try to find a comfortable balance between the two. Perhaps agree a day or time when you will speak to your parents or friends, and stick to it.

  4. Home comforts: I have found that doing things that I associate with home and my family, for example, sitting with a cup of tea and watching Bake Off, means that I associate my university bedroom with those things too, thus making it feel significantly more homely. For you this might look different, but just find something that will remind you gently of home and incorporate it into your routine.

  5. Cards: I was given several cards from family members, before I came away to uni, congratulating me and wishing me luck for my new situation. If you have such cards, I would bring them with you and display them proudly in your room. Each time you begin to feel stressed, worried or upset about anything, just think how far you have come. You have got to university!

Although living in university accommodation can feel like a massive part of your life at uni, and it certainly is, it is not everything. There is so much more excitement to come, this is just the beginning. Here’s to new adventures!


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