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5 Things You Will Likely Miss About Home As a Student

As I've come home for the weekend, I thought I’d take the opportunity to reflect on all the things I miss when I’m away. Some are meaningful, some are silly, but all are things I’m sure most university students would agree they miss. Whilst there are many great things about uni, there are some aspects of student life that can take their toll, and you may indeed find yourself wishing you could just be at home just to sit on a sofa, or, if you’re in halls, even something as simple as having a front door can feel very bizarre when you’ve not used one in several months.

  1. Family and friends - let’s start off with the most meaningful! I’m sure most university students miss their family and or friends when they haven’t seen them for a period of time. Particularly when you still feel quite new at university, and don’t know many people yet, it can be hard not being near to people who know you so well, people you don’t have to try too hard with or be constantly making small talk. Equally, if you’re used to seeing people everyday or on a regular basis it feels weird to then suddenly not see them for a few months. However, the distance and time apart can be good, as it means that when you see them you will have all the more to talk about, and will appreciate the time you do have with them all the more.

  2. Baths - okay, so you may not agree with me on this one but when I’ve had chats with flatmates or friends, one of the most common things we all say we miss is having a bath! There’s something so relaxing and calming about a bath that a shower just cannot offer. However, if you’re in a uni house you may be lucky enough to have a bath, and then the novelty of it probably wears off. But until that time for me, I will always miss having a bath so enjoy having them when I’m home all the more!

  3. Home cooking - in a similar vein, I think most students (whether you’re anywhere on the spectrum from decent cook to a disaster in the kitchen) will miss having home cooked meals, especially when you’re having pasta for the fourth time that week.

  4. Dishwasher - Personally I just get so tired of constantly having to wash up all my pans, cutlery and so on, and let’s face it, a dishwasher just makes your life so much easier. Enjoy it as much as you can when you’re at home!

  5. Pets - I don’t have any pets myself, but speaking on behalf of students who do, they really miss their dog/cat when away at uni, possibly more than their families! Some people I know will even get their parents to text them updates or photos of their pet just so they can stay in the loop. At least you know that when you do go home, you will always receive a warm welcome not just from your family but from the pet too!

There are more things I could mention that students miss about home when away at uni, but I think this covers the most common ones. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and felt you could relate to it in some way! Essentially, there are positive and negative things about both home and uni, and the key thing is to enjoy them both as much as we can when we are there.

Look out for Part 2 of this blog post next month, which will be 5 Things Students Will Likely Miss About Uni When at Home!

Have a good day,


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