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5 Things Students Miss About Uni When at Home

As I said in my blog last month, today’s blog post will be following on from things students miss about home when at uni, with what we all miss about uni when we’re home! As it is currently the first week back, I thought it would be interesting to see what the differences and or similarities are between the two. So here’s what we miss about uni when we’re at home...

  1. Your uni friends and the sociable atmosphere: at uni you are often surrounded by people, and it can feel like there is always someone to talk to just a few doors away. Home can feel rather quiet in comparison! Also, in jokes! You’ll suddenly realise mid way through a conversation with a friend from home that you can't say that you saw the bare-foot running man again! You can of course text your uni friends, but it’s not quite the same! Some things are just for Sheffield.

  2. Going on from this, Sheffield as a place: personally I feel so at home living here that I definitely do miss it when I’m away. Hills and all! I like how most things are easy to get to, and enjoy the routine of having the 20 minute walk from my accommodation down to uni each day.

  3. Having a routine: lectures, seminars, sociable events, society meetings and so on, are all just a normal part of your weekly routine whilst at uni. It can feel very strange therefore to come home and not have any scheduled things to go to.

  4. My uni room: unless it’s an actual tip, it’s likely that you’ll miss your bedroom at uni at least a bit when you’re at home, as you have most of your stuff there. Personally I have all my cosiest blankets and cushions at uni, and my pinboard of memories which makes me feel happy and at home, my bedroom at home can feel quite bare in comparison!

  5. Independence: you may well find it an adjustment, even if it's only for a short period of time, to not be doing everything for yourself!  Your parents may do things for you that you’ve got used to doing yourself, and you might forget to remember to tell them where you’re going or what you’re doing, when you’re so used to just walking out the door with anybody asking!

So there we are, Part 2 in my two-part blog on things students miss about uni when at home. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that it can be a reminder of all the positive things there are to enjoy about both being at university and at home, just in different ways.

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