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12 Events & Other Things you can do as Block Rep

12 events you can put on for your block & 12 other things you can do as a Block Rep

The number to remember is 12 because all Block Rep applications are due this Monday 12 October.

 12 Events you can put on for your Block:

  • Volunteering
  • Teach your Talents
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Group Dinner
  • Seasonal Celebrations
  • Pick up Sport
  • Coffee Outing
  • Living learning
  • Study Groups
  • Foodhall
  • University Events
  • Explore Sheffield
  • AND You can always create your own!

Starting off 12 other things you can do as a Block Rep with...

#12. Get to know other students from different areas of the accommodation

As a leader in the residences, you will be able to attend and coordinate events for other residents who you would otherwise not have met.

#11. Work with Residence Life and partnership staff members

You will be able to work with Residence Mentors, Residence Life staff members, as well as our Coordinators in Bars & Entertainment, Students’ Union and Sport Sheffield. You'll get your ideas heard and we're excited to help you bring them to life!

#10. Advocate for the residents in your block

As you get to know the residents in your block, relay their feedback to the Residence Life team to make events and activities better for everyone.

#9. Help at large Residence Life events that are of interest to you

From bars & entertainment to seasonal events, you could help out with any Residence Life event you want to be a part of!

#8. Get to know fellow Block Reps and go on Block Rep socials

Not only will you be recognized in your block, but you'll make friends with a new group of people, your fellow Block Reps. Every month, there will be something set for you all to hang out together, as one of your perks.

#7. Get residents together and enjoy events that already exist with Residence Life

Your role is not all about planning events, you can get people together to attend Residence Life events that are already happening. This way, you will always be in the know about what is going on and you can further explore your interests.

#6. Residence Life will coordinate what you are doing as a Block Rep with your future in relation to your studies and jobs.

Residence Life will ensure you are getting the skills you need for your CV. In addition, we will support you in reviewing your CV.

#5. Collaborate with other Block Reps to arrange larger events

We can't wait to see your ideas come to life and some ideas may require more support. You can work with your Block Rep Teams or Block Reps you get on with to make sure your big idea happens.

#4. Set SMART goals for yourself and leave the role with concrete accomplishments.

Residence Life will support you on a one-to-one basis to achieve your goals.

#3. Build something special for your block

Whether you establish a sense of community or start a new block tradition, you can leave your own legacy as a Block Rep.

#2. Make an impact on your block-mates

You will be getting to know your block-mates on a one-to-one basis. You could be the reason why a student is attending an event, enjoying uni life and finding Sheffield their new home.

#1. Take ownership of Residence Life events.

You can be a part of planning and executing your own successful events.

If you like how all this sounds and would like to become a Block Rep, please apply by Monday 12 October by visiting the Block Reps Role Description & Application.

For more information email

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