10 000 steps challenge spotlight - Orla Mullane

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Prepared to be inspired! One of our Residence Life students Orla has not only completed the challenge but set a new record. She has not missed a single day and has completed a whopping 605,749 steps. You can read about her experience below. 

My name is Orla Mullane and I am a first year Sociology student at the University of Sheffield. 

The ‘10,000 Steps Challenge’ has been a fantastic experience and health boost for me. Before signing up for it, I did very little or no exercise. However, the Challenge has been extremely motivating in helping me to become so much fitter in a relatively short space of time, as well as improving my mental health a lot.

Only a month ago, the thought of walking 10,000 steps a day seemed impossible to me. However, once I put my mind (and feet) to it, I found myself easily covering 20,000 steps a day. The challenge has been a marvellous way of discovering the many beautiful parks and trails of Sheffield (Endcliffe Park, Whiteley Woods, Forge Dam, Rivelin Nature Trail, Loxley Valley and Bradfield to name but a few). I now know that Sheffield is a beautiful city, which is well worth exploring. It has also encouraged me to spend more time with, and grow closer to my family and friends, who have motivated me along the way, as well as they themselves getting to know Sheffield with me. 

Even though the challenge has now come to an end, it is my intention to continue stepping my way to increased fitness. 

Many thanks to the ‘10,000 Steps Challenge’ organisers. 

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